EFNW ’14 Interviews 05 – Cathy Weseluck

EFNW ’14 Interviews 04 – Rebecca Shoichet

EFNW ’14 Interviews 03 – Maryke Hendrikse

EFNW ’14 Interviews 02 – Tony Fleecs

EFNW ’14 Interviews 01 – Michael Dobson

EFNW ’14 Interviews 00 – Dalken’s Preface

Story time.

Story time.

A long time ago, on a website…a lot like this one, actually…some doofus named Silverlight said he was going to post the recordings of some interviews done by some other doofus named Dalken at some silly event called Everfree Northwest in 2014.  It never got done, and Silverlight’s main project, a silly podcast called Voice of Equestria that he hosted along with Dalken and some third doofus called Scorch, stopped getting new episodes posted as well.  Not much was heard from the team for a long time.  The end.

…That is, until now.

Enough fires were finally lit under my plot, and I’m here to finally post those interviews—about a year late, just in time for this year’s EFNW—along with an episode or two we recorded before I turned into the world’s biggest flake.

Dalken’s introduction/preface/whatever for the interviews and the interviews themselves will be in individual posts over the next several hours to a day, with the other episode(s) that are currently floating in limbo following at a slightly more sedate pace.

So hold on to your plots, ’cause here we go!

VoE not-minicast 3: EFNW 2014 Recap

Dalken and Scorch called in, along with their friends/roommates, from their hotel after Everfree Northwest to yammer on about how awesome it was.  And yammer on they did!  For nearly 3 hours!  Apparently, it was an amazing convention, and I’m sad I missed it.  Come check out their report!

Also, Dalken had a media pass for VoE, and was able to get interviews with several awesome people while he was there.  We’ll be uploading those as separate posts over the next few weeks.

Dalken’s EFNW’14 Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/vP0Kn/all

Quick note re. backlogged and upcoming episodes and extras

One of these days I’m gonna say “we’re finally getting back on track and returning to our intended schedule” and it’s actually going to happen.  >_<

For now, though, we’ve got all the hitches sorted out with the one thing that’s been holding us up as far as posting episodes is concerned—the EFNW’14 recap episode.  I’ll be posting that later tonight or tomorrow, and between the other episodes we’ve recorded since then (including the BronyCon recap episode) and the interviews Dalken got for us at Everfree (yes, interviews!  Like, with actual DHX people and the like!) I’ll be posting something every few days (at least once a week) until we’re caught up.

So stay tuned for a long stream of rapid-fire awesomeness (or so I hope)!

Voice of Equestria Episode 56

So, after a LONG hiatus due to a number of factors, we’re back!  This is an episode that we recorded two months ago, back in June, and I didn’t get the chance to post until now.  The three of us (we were going to have PVL’s Silver Eagle on as a guest, but he couldn’t make it) yammer on about some video games and the like plus a large helping of news.  Come check it out!

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Voice of Equestria Episode 55

Here it is, folks:  Our review of the season 4 finale!  We’ve also got news about Rainbow Rocks, the IDW MLP comics, a text interview with Kkat by EFN, news from ManeSix on their crowdfunding plans, and a bit of news about season 5.  We’ve also got the usual fan media spotlights and cool things, as well as some feedback from fans.  Come check it out!

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Voice of Equestria Episode 54

A month after we recorded it (sorry!), I’m finally getting Episode 54 uploaded!  Dalken couldn’t make it, but Scorch and I spend a bit under an hour talking about what we’ve been up to (hint: it includes alcohol, at least on my end), some news (official music, plushies, records, and convention guests), a Spike episode, some feedback (yay!), and some cool fandom stuff.  Come check it out!

Also, we should have episodes 55 and 56 dropping rapid-fire over the next few days, so stay tuned!

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Voice of Equestria Episode 53

One of these days I’ll start reliably getting these posted when they should be, I swear.

Anywho!  This week:  Fan-game release news, convention news (and a bit of drama), and a pair of very, very good FiM episodes.  Later on, some really cool fan media and cool things (and a bit of non-pony).  Check it out!

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Episode 53 streaming shortly!

We’ll be streaming the recording of Episode 53 tonight.  The stream is already going, but we haven’t started the actual episode yet.  Tune in at http://justin.tv/silverlightpony2

Voice of Equestria Episode 52

Dalken’s absent once again, while Scorch and I talk about guns, games home beermaking, a large helping of fandom news (some good, some not so good), and two pretty good episodes.

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Voice of Equestria Episode 51

Dalken returns, and discusses moving and Warframe; I yammer on about Titanfall a bit, and Scorch talks about mixing and tweaking Fallout games, among other things.  Also, some cool convention news and not-so-cool news in the Hasbro/fandom relations department, as well as a couple of pretty good episodes.

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Two rapid-fire episode drops incoming!

I’ve been slacking off again, and as a result, Episode 51 (recorded March 24th) has been in a holding pattern far longer than it should have been.  But I’m finishing up editing on it as I write this, and then I’ll be doing the same for Episode 52 (recorded April 6th).  They will be posted either both today, or one today and one tomorrow.


Voice of Equestria Episode 50

backlog’d ep the third:  Episode 50, recorded March 10, 2014

In which Dalken is still absent, Scorch makes plans for BabsCon, and Silverlight spends more money.  More convention news, fighting games, two new episodes of FiM, and some cool fan content.

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Voice of Equestria Episode 49

Backlog’d ep the second:  Episode 49, recorded Feb. 23, 2014.

In which Dalken is absent, and Scorch and I discuss convention news, two episodes of FiM, one small item from the mailbag, and some cool fan works.

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Voice of Equestria Episode 48

Backlog’d ep the first:  Episode 48, recorded Feb. 9, 2014.

Comic news, CCG news, Hasbro “MLP Shorts” videos.

FiM episode discussed:  S4E13 “Simple Ways”.

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