Voice of Equestria Episode 1

Welcome to the true inaugural episode of the Voice of Equestria Podcast!  Hosts Silverlight and Scorch Mechanic spend a little over an hour discussing ponies and pony-related things (and a few non-pony-related things).  A large helping of Pony news, some fanfic and fanart talk, and a general perspective on Season 2 as a whole await you in this episode.

Still learning the ropes when it comes to editing, so there’s a tiny bit of audio oddness at times, but it certainly sounds better than either of our test/warm-up episodes.

[EDIT]  It figures, the day after I get the podcast uploaded and the post written, there’s an update to one of our pieces of news.  The Brony Survey we mention in the news section is now open for round 2.  Head over to their website (link) and click “take the survey” up top to get started.

Link to show notes:

Intro/Outtro music
Intro:  excerpt from “Art Of The Dress (Rock Cover) [Fashionista Version]” by AcousticBrony

Outro:  Full song – “Art Of The Dress (Rock Cover) [Fashionista Version]” by AcousticBrony

5 thoughts on “Voice of Equestria Episode 1

  1. I kinda assumed you just didn’t feel like responding, which is fine and all but just so I know did you get the email I sent on the 19/20th? For the record it should be titled “Some guy writes an email” and it was sent to silvers gmail address from donotreplytosomeguy@gmail.com with an attached image. Just reply here if you want me to resend it to the new email.

    As for this episode I might provide some more feedback latter when I get a chance, but I thought I should sort this out first.

    • Yeah, I got it, and forwarded it to Scorch. I like the banner, but I want one with a proper picture of my OC (which is tough since I haven’t thought of a cutie mark for it yet). Thanks!

  2. In terms of the podcast, are you going to have guests every episode as with episode -1? I’m sure everyone would want to hear from some more public bronies, AcousticBrony or Kkat perhaps?

    Scorch:It would be greatly appreciated if you could take an audio file, or at least send me the rules of the Fallout pen and paper game. On the wiki,it seemed as though the rules were more than a little vague, and I would love the opportunity to play it with the rest of my brony community.

    Overall, I think that both of you are doing an excellent job with the podcast, and that you should continue this at least as long as the actual show continues running.


    • We’re not planning to have guests on EVERY episode, but we do plan to have guests on the show occasionally. I just sent out one invitation e-mail last night, and I’ve got a couple more ideas for guests that I need to contact.

      (While I’d love to have Kkat on, if the interview from the Diamond Dogs Podcast is anything to go by, she can’t record. Such a shame.)

      The FoE PnP game rules are not finished yet, but the current rules can be found here: http://derpy.me/d7gwu

      Thanks for the feedback!

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