Voice of Equestria Episode 3

Welcome once again to the Voice of Equestria Podcast!  Scorch and I continue our trend of shorter and shorter episodes, discuss Ponies and a bit of Mass Effect, and announce a special guest for next week!  Who is it?  I guess you’ll just have to listen to the episode and find out, won’t you?

Link to show notes:

Intro/Outtro music
Intro:  excerpt from “Art Of The Dress (Rock Cover) [Fashionista Version]” by AcousticBrony

Outro:  “Pinkie’s Brew” by Sherclop Pones, from Friendship is Witchcraft

2 thoughts on “Voice of Equestria Episode 3

  1. awsome episode! been keeping up since the second podcast. Heres how I got my toy without being a plothole. little cousin. brought her to mcdonalds and ofcourse she got the kids meal and she gave me the toy. apperently she knew. but yeah keeping updated

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