Voice of Equestria Episode 5

Welcome to Episode 5 of Voice of Equestria Podcast!  In this episode, we finally got XyroTR1 on as our special guest.  The three of us spend almost two hours discussing all sorts of stuff and getting some insight into what goes into Xyro’s MLP episode uploads.  Come check it out!

Link to show notes:

Intro/Outro music
Intro:  excerpt from “Art Of The Dress (Rock Cover) [Fashionista Version]” by AcousticBrony

Outro:  “Promises” by PrinceWhatever

One thought on “Voice of Equestria Episode 5

  1. Thank you Scorch for reading my letter! I was grinning like an idiot the whole time :D

    Although I’m a little embarrassed of that one typo (should have been SUFFER not SUFFERING *facehoof*) and I forgot that sending it from my phone… would result in that bit at the end :/

    Anyway thanks again and here’s hoping everything goes well with Episode 22!

    signed Tabula Rojo
    (your comment system won’t allow 2 names gt;gt;)

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