VoE semi-break

Sorry, folks, there won’t be a regular episode this week.  Working my plot off last week left me too drained to bother messing with setting up and recording a regular episode.  Combined with the fact that Scorch’s voice is shot due to being sick and Dalken’s internet crapped out, and this just hasn’t been a good week.

That said, I will be recording and posting a “Not-VoE” episode in the next day or two.  This will be much less organized and more akin to a couple of guys yammering aimlessly for a while.  I don’t have to work on show notes and there’s much less editing involved.  Expect it to be far less coherent than usual.

(If I can figure out how to do get the Skype call to feed into the broadcaster properly, I might try streaming this live.  We’ll see.)

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