Voice of Equestria Episode 8

After an unexpected break last week, we’re back with Episode 8!  Within, you’ll find out why there was no episode last week (a large collection of reasons), and you’ll hear a great deal of discussion about Ponies, some Fallout, and an excellent two-part season finale.  Come check it out!

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Link to show notes:

Intro/Outro music
Intro:  excerpt from “Art Of The Dress (Rock Cover) [Fashionista Version]” by AcousticBrony

Outro:  “Brony Metal Medley” by Bronyfied

2 thoughts on “Voice of Equestria Episode 8

  1. This is great!
    I love Scorches voice, I become all nostalgia-filled because it’s been too long since I’ve listened to a FoE Reading.
    Thanks guys for this!

  2. GREAT SCOTT! Scorch has never seen Back to the future!? – Yes i missed it whenever he said.
    Either way, i love this and i hope you guys keep it up ^^

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