Voice of Equestria Episode 12

The two-week gap gave us a lot of news and a whole lot of recent activities to talk about this week.  Step inside to hear the three of us talk about a great deal of really cool stuff (and some not-so-cool-stuff, like insurance hassles and locking one’s keys in one’s car).  Come check it out!

Link to show notes:

Intro/Outro music
Intro:  excerpt from “Art Of The Dress (Rock Cover) [Fashionista Version]” by AcousticBrony

Outro:  “‘Til We See Sun” by Deerhooves

One thought on “Voice of Equestria Episode 12

  1. (If this is read on the next episode, I would like to request that Scorch read it in Homage’s voice)
    Hello all,
    Before the questions, I just want to say that I am in love with Fallout Equestria thanks to the awesomeness that is the audio book. Unfortunately I don’t have an e-reader so the only way I can read the story is to do so via looking at the computer screen. And whenever I stare at a mostly white computer screen for prolonged periods of time, I tend to get headaches, and I really hate headaches. I get them enough as it is, so I like to avoid getting them whenever I can.
    So anyway, I have some questions that i would like everyone to answer if they are able.
    1. What are your top 5 brony musicians?(and if possible, please explain why)
    2. What are your thoughts on how large the fandom has gotten?
    3. If you could change any one thing about MLP:FIM (setting, plot, characters, etc.) what would it be?
    Thanks for reading and keep up the amazing work. I look forward to your next episode.

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