No episode this week. :(

Unfortunately, there will be no new episode of Voice of Equestria this week.  My desktop exploded (read: the PSU died) and I haven’t had the chance to set up all my recording stuff on my laptop yet.

Our next episode should be next week, and should include whatever I manage to get recorded at BronyCon as well as some regular “studio” segments.


— Silverlight

Voice of Equestria Episode 13

A bit later than usual, but Episode 13 is here!  The three of us discuss a lot of recent activities and a small fraction of the news from the last two weeks, and answer some interesting questions from a listener.  Come check it out!

Also, It’s not mentioned in the show, but fans of Scorch’s Fallout Equestria audiobook should tune in to our next episode two weeks from now; we *may* have an interesting special guest!

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Episode 13 minor delay

Episode 13 will be a bit late this week, folks.  We were unable to record on the weekend, so we’ll be recording today, and the episode will go up either this evening or Thursday.